The Willard Page Collection

Assorted subjects and sizes of paintings

In the 1930’s on summer holiday Carola Bock purchased a small oil painting from the artist Willard Page by the side of the Road in Colorado. This small purchase inspired three generations of collecting Pages work by Bock family members. Currently containing over 300 original oil paintings. The Willard Page Collection is the largest known repository of the artists work.

Our Mission; This site is a work in progress and will highlight the work of Willard Page in the permanent collection through the life of the artist and his wife and partner Ethel Page. In addition to displaying the artwork we will look at the journey that led them to travel, teach, create and share their vision with the world

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All artwork and content is copyrighted by William Bock Fine Art LLC, Davie, Fl unless otherwise noted and cannot be used without prior permission. Sourcing of shared will be provided where applicable. We welcome contributions of artwork, imagery and ephemera to the collection and if work is accepted for inclusion we will credit the sources of the contributor.